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Who we are

We are Sorfyce, a software company that is specialized in big data solutions. We support our clients to efficiently process and store enormous amounts of data, and to convert this data into valuable knowledge. We allow our clients to optimally benefit from the big opportunities provided by big data and therefore perform better in their specific industries.


Big data analytics

We use advanced data mining and machine learning techniques to turn data into valueable knowledge. Among techniques that we use are classification trees, neural networks, rule induction (association rule mining), dependency modelling, clustering, subgroup discovery, recommendation systems, ranking and regression. Tools that we use include Hadoop, Mahout, R and Azure ML.

Big data storage

Consultancy, support and software solutions for efficient, reliable, secure, cost effective storage and fast querying of large amounts of structured or unstructured data. Tools that we use include MongoDB, Cassandra, MonetDB, HBase, Firebird, Lucene and Elasticsearch.

Scalable software systems and architectures

Development, implementation and support of scalable (distributed) software systems (cloud or on-premise), that work under heavy load with a large numbers of users and deal with large amounts of data.

Automated document processing

Development and implementation of software solutions for automated document processing of documents from both known and unknown sources. Examples are automated processing of invoices, receipts and forms. For this application we use incremental learning algorithms originating from the data mining and machine learning field.